Very Big Skeleton during Excavations in Bosnia.

June 19, 2012

Does it belongs to Human or something else ?

This is ediculos

I would like to know where some information on this photo is. I am having a very difficult time to find anything on it and am curious of the details. Thank you

This is not true. This is clearly edited. Look at the structure of the two skulls. They are the same.

its real search in( quaran ) its called followers of aahad ( qamme aahad) they were so powerful that with their bare hands they make there homes in mountain without using any equipment


In Quran-E-Majeed, it is clearly written that "Aad Nation (Qom-E-Aad)" was so powerful that they can built their house without equipment in those days. And they were so big and powerful but they were involve in bad deeds and were disobedient of Almighty ALLAH. So, Almighty ALLAH destroy them all.

But, I want to know the reality of this picture. Because I don't want to share it fellow, if someone edited in Photoshop.

And in the end I would say that Almighty ALLAH knows all the things whether hidden are open.

Muhammad Uzair (PAKISTAN)

i belives as same as Mohammad uzair said as above. its true

yeah its true Quran mentioned 1400 years ago.. i Also believes as mohammad uzair said..

bunch of fuckin bullshit...the quran lies!!!!


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